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Safety Data Sheets

  • Safety Data Sheets for the USA and Canada according to requirements of OSHA HCS and HPR
  • Creation according to the REACH Regulation, in the latest valid version (830/2015/EU and 2020/878/EU), including Exposure scenarios, if required
  • Creation according to the UNECE GHS regulations in compliance with the respective country SDS regulation    

  • Standard phrases available in 39 languages
  • Consideration of the country specific legal limit values as well as classifications by country specific creation
  • Despite fully automatic creation any individual alteration possible
  • Several ways of formatting the SDS
    • Different fonts, sizes and colors
    • Output of symbols
    • Frames
  • Update function (for parts of the SDS or total) available
  • On request the following functions will be performed automatically:
    • Actualization of the date after alterations
    • Marking of altered sections
    • Notification about the type of alterations
    • Backup of old versions (unlimited)
    • Management of version numbers
  • Option of customer maintenance right in the SDS
  • Automatic distribution via email
  • Printouts of SDSs can be performed customer related
  • SDSs can be retrieved via the related customers as well as inversely via search routines
  • Automatic resending of altered SDSs to all clients
  • Additional cover letter function in the customer’s language
  • ASCII/ANSI-output for SDSs in various formats enables the data transfer among other computer systems or different software
  • Output in HTML-format
  • Output as PDF-files
  • Special program for the transfer of Safety Data Sheets as file in ‘catalogue’-form, including several search routines for the data recipient

Steps for the creation of an SDS for a preparation with ChemGes 

1.Enter all ingredients. This can be done manually or with a transfer program.
2.The program automatically calculates the hazard symbols, H- and P phrases and the transport classification for land, sea and air.
3.The program estimates the physical values from the characteristics of the ingredients.
4.You press a key, and the program calculates an SDS within seconds.

Provided that the program has all ingredients in its database, and that the system is set up in the right way, the creation of an SDS takes only a few minutes. Of course, one should review the SDS, but a user can enter own rules for the selection of the phrases. So it should not be necessary very often to make manual alterations. 

pdf-manuals for the creation of SDSs

Steps for the creation of an Exposure Scenario

GHS & ChemGes - Overview and quick guide