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As companies are experiencing the pressure from the new requirements regarding UFI and EuPCS, ChemGes is fully ready to help.  This newsletter will show you some of the many available options and functions contained in ChemGes, regarding the UFI and the EuPCS.  More newsletters with more details will follow, but the full repertoire is of course already available in ChemGes and details can be read in our manual.

  • UFI, the Unique Formula Identifier, is a new identification number to be used by European Poison Centers in order to identify the composition of a formulation.
  • These are simple for a company who produces only one type of product.  But when it comes to various product groups, variants of a preparation or different company addressed with different UIDs, the matter is more complicated

ChemGes has you covered.  We strive to simplify and automate, which we have also done regarding UFIs.  UFIs are found in the Country specific classification screen.                   

  • A UFI can be entered manually and is then locked.
  • UFI's can be generated automatically based on the linked company and its UID
    • the company information can come directly from your SDS, or
    • can be entered with the substance
  • a separate UFI can be generated for each variant
  • UFI information can be adopted into a 100% formulation from the intermediate formulation
  • you can set how often the UFI is recalculated
    • when the ingredients change
    • when the classification changes
  • you can set a default company


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