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PCN S₂S - Notification

We cover all of your PCN needs!!!

As ECHA now provides the opportunity for a direct System-to-System connection, we have of course, implemented this functionality in ChemGes. Our Guidance Document titled PCN Notification, in the Downloads section of our website dr-software.com, was expanded to provide the necessary details. In addition, our hotline is available to assist you.

Our programmers have worked hard to simplify such a complicated and serious topic, so that the we can provide the automatism expected by our customers. Once the data is entered and the initial set-up is completed, the generation of the notification, as well as its direct submission, are a breeze.

ChemGes can even import for you, your ECHA Legal Entity information, or export it from ChemGes, so that you can generate the Legal Entity, with ECHA, quickly and easily. The S2S Key can also be imported into ChemGes and saved there, for further use.

To make things even simpler for you, we also provide direct link access to not only the Guidance Document for the PCN notification, but also to the various ECHA websites that contain additional information or are necessary to access for the submission.

Did you know?

Our support team is still only a call or email away, ready to assist you even during these different times.

For more information about ChemGes, please access our website dr-software.com or call us.


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