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General Description of ChemGes

The time and work by experts involved for the classification of preparation, calculation of transport classifications and the creation of Safety Data Sheets, Internal Plant Instructions and labels is constantly increasing by frequently amended and supplemented legislation (for example GHS) and the necessity to provide translated documents in numerous languages. The ChemGes software contributes to an essential relief of the responsible specialists in industry and trade and so helps to achieve significant savings in cost and time for the compliance with the mandatory requirements in national and international legislation.

Hazard symbolsChemGes enables the automatic creation of Safety Data Sheets in 36 languages. New documents can be created quickly; the translation into other languages is done within seconds. The multilingual user guidance, network capability and a wide selection of languages available for Safety Data Sheets, Internal Plant Instructions and labels in combination with the highest possible program flexibility enable the international use of the software.

Maintenance contracts do not only guarantee the users of our software unlimited hotline support via telephone and email, but also ensure the frequent availability of program and data updates. The main updates, which are provided at least twice a year, additionally include an extensive description of all changes and supplementations in the program and comprehensive information on national and international legal amendments being a valuable reference for experts. Generally, our expert team implements legal changes and amended data in the software within shortest possible time.

ChemGes offers you

  • The automatic creation of Safety Data Sheets in 37 languages.
  • A raw materials data base, on which your formulations are based on, enabling the fast and simple creation of Safety Data Sheets.
  • The complete entry of a new formulation in the database, as well as the subsequent creation, compliance check and output of the finished Safety Data Sheet only takes a few minutes.
  • The creation of a Safety Data Sheet for a product that has already been entered in the database, or for a raw material only takes a few seconds.
  • Extremely high scalability and flexibility down to the last detail for all industries and any possible situation. You can change the layout and additional information in the created Safety Data Sheets and labels according to your requirements. Furthermore, user specific program adjustments of ChemGes and customized applications (for example interfaces) can be designed for you anytime.
  • Our experienced in-house software engineers can quickly implement user-specific program adjustments of ChemGes and customized applications (for example interfaces) for you.
  • Company and product specific phrases can be integrated easily and quickly thanks to the special rule-based form generator. Thus automation at the creation of SDSs can be increased up to the fully-automatic creation and update using a simple key stroke.
  • The network capability enables standardized data management on an international level. This possibility is successfully used by many multinational companies.
  • The software and manuals, as well as the support, are available in English, German, Italian and French.
  • The interface linking can be done via ANSI text files and enables the data exchange with all appropriate platforms. Numerous data export routines are available. Data imports are always built customer specifically and individually adapted to the leading system.
  • Our expert team guarantees our customers professional hotline support for all questions on our software, as well as on legislation covered by ChemGes and will also assist you with technical questions.
  • ChemGes is designed for all Microsoft® Windows® versions and runs under both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.

We provide our customers with offices and representatives in Canada, the USA, Austria, Germany, France, and Italy, thus ensuring close contact and direct support when necessary.

MSDS+ is an extraordinary add-in program, which - in combination with ChemGes - enables you to store up to 1000 different Safety Data Sheets of raw materials and mixtures in one single archive file.

This way you can simply forward your Safety Data Sheets as an "electronic catalog" to your customers and business partners. As the recipients of the file can change the trade name of the product resp. the manufacturer’s address and company symbol themselves (if you permit them) and print the required SDSs, significant savings in cost and time can be achieved.

The presentation of our software, online via WebEx® or at the customer’s site, is free-of-charge with no further obligations or costs attached.

GHS & ChemGes - Overview and quick guide

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